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Can You Have Two Auto Insurance Policies On One Car?

Insurance policies can be confusing, and auto insurance is no exception. Most states require you to carry some form of car insurance to drive legally. To ensure you are covered in every way that you need, you might even consider taking out two different policies on one car.

Here are some things to consider and what you need to know prior to opening two policies.

Is it legal to have two policies?

It is not illegal to hold two auto insurance policies on one car. However, it could violate your current policy agreement. Read the fine print of your insurance plan prior to opening a second one.

The biggest issue with having two policies is called unjust enrichment. This is the legal term for someone who illegally profits at the expense of another party.

It should be noted that one insurance company will not allow you to insure the same car twice. The second policy will need to be opened with a different company.

In most cases, it is cheaper to have one bigger policy than two separate ones.

Why would you want two policies on one car?

There are a few reasons you might consider two auto insurance policies for one car. For example, teenage drivers are a larger liability and more expensive to insure. Parents might consider a second policy rather than adding their teen drivers to their current plan.Always shop for a single policy before opening a second one. There are many comparison tools out there to make your research easier.

Couples going through a divorce often take out a second policy on the same car. This can be a temporary fix until the marriage has been dissolved.

If you live and/or work in two different states, you might think you need two policies. Each state has different insurance requirements. However, once your car is covered, you are insured across all state lines. Your insurance needs to match the state you obtain a driver’s license from. Speak to an agent about your unique situation before making a decision.

Others feel they are better protecting themselves by carrying two policies. You are better off discussing a bigger plan with your current insurer. Usually, this is a more economical and less risky option.

Someone who has been found guilty of a DUI might have a hard time finding insurance. Insurance companies are not required to cover every individual. They hold the right to deny coverage. It may be necessary to carry a separate policy for a family member that has been convicted of a DUI.

Things to keep in mind if you get two policies for one car

You can’t double-dip. It’s considered insurance fraud if you file the same claim with two insurance companies. It’s illegal to collect checks from two companies for the same claim. You can’t pay for the repairs for one and pocket the second as cash. This would be considered unjust enrichment.

Also, the DMV might alert the insurance companies when you register your car. If a second insurer is against one of their policies, they’ll find out. They have the right to deny you coverage or drop you. Check your agreement to see if opening a second policy is a violation.


In the end, carrying two auto insurance policies on one vehicle is likely not the right decision. While it’s not illegal, many risk factors could lead to insurance fraud.

It’s important to do your due diligence before making any decisions. Always ask questions. Insurance companies know how easy it is for you to switch plans. They don’t want to lose you as a customer. Your local agent will make sure you understand your current policy and what your options are should you need to adjust your plan.

If there has been a DUI, a second policy may be the best option. In the case of a pending divorce, you may temporarily carry a second policy. Always check with your current insurance holder before taking on a second policy. This will ensure you are not in violation of your first agreement.

New and student drivers can be expensive to insure. Usually, you can find a single policy to cover all the drivers in your family. Don’t forget, you can switch insurance providers at any time. If your current rates have increased, you can shop for a new policy. Switching companies may prove more economical than opening a second policy. It’s also easier to keep track of one plan versus two.

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