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Cheap Car Insurance and Claims: How They Affect Each Other

Cheap car insurance is a desirable commodity and can be easily obtained through the practice of a few driving habits. Insurance rates are based off of the associated risk that comes with the driver. For instance, if a driver has a history of accidents or claims, then the risk for future claims is higher. With a higher risk of incident, comes the possibility of an insurance provider having to put forth more money throughout the lifetime of a driver’s policy. To counter act this possibility, the insurance company requires a higher monthly premium. This higher monthly costs counter acts the possibility of multiple claims being processed because of the driver. To reduce the risk associated with a driver, it is crucial to maintain a clean driving record.

A claim is when a driver actually requires the use of their insurance, being able to determine the best time to claim an accident, or to claim it at all, will keep insurance rates as low as possible. When an accident happens, it is important to determine whose fault the accident was. Often times, the driver at fault will be the only person in need of claiming the accident, therefore keeping the victims insurance rate low. Without claiming the accident, the insurance company will continue to offer the same low rate. However, if the accident was the drivers fault, it is important to claim the accident to avoid any unwanted charges or difficulties. If an accident is minor, it can be up to the individual parties whether to claim the accident.

During a minor traffic accident, the damage can be minimal, requiring only a small amount of money from the responsible party. When this is the case, the driver of the car at fault can pay for the damages to the other car out of pocket and skip the insurance provider. This maintains an accident free record that will be associated with a driver’s level of risk, along with their monthly premiums, to stay low. However, it is still up to the driver not at fault whether they will claim the accident or not, which will still affect your driving history. While a driver may not have personally made the claim, the other driver has to document what happened and all the parties involved or at fault.

While it is important to follow the law and report accidents, there are still cases that insurance companies can be bypassed to preserve a safe driving record. With a safe driving record it is easy to obtain a quote that has been reduced through safe driver discounts. Cheap auto insurance is a great way to save money every month, while safe driving practices and an understanding of the claims process is an even better way to save the maximum amount of money on a plan. Keeping a well documented timeline of claims, accidents, and logs of accident free periods will ensure a company can verify youth history and offer a driver any discounts they may deserve.

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